Replacement of OFDA100

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BSC is the manufacturer of the OFDA instrument. This notice is to inform customers of the status of the OFDA100 model.

Replacement of OFDA100

The OFDA100 instrument is no longer available since several of the components are obsolete. We keep a stock of most parts but these will run out eventually. The DOS based PC is becoming harder to find and maintain. Due to the way the electronics work, it is not possible to run OFDA100 reliably on Windows. The replacement instrument is OFDA2000 Benchtop or portable. The OFDA2000 benchtop is recommended for laboratories, it measures snippets on the same slide as the OFDA100 and also meets IWTO-47 test method. It will run on Windows XP or Windows 7 and is about 4 times faster than OFDA100.

We have a large discount off the new OFDA2000 price for the upgrade from OFDA100 to a new OFDA2000 so ask your agent for a quote.

Regular Service and Calibration check

The OFDA is a precise optical instrument measuring at very high accuracy. We recommend a service and calibration check at least once per year. The Interwoolabs international round trials show that some laboratories are not operating their OFDA to its best accuracy. Our highly experienced service staff can discover and fix possible faults and recalibrate to ensure that your OFDA is meeting the best international standards. Ask you agent for a quote on a service plan.

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