Real time, high accuracy measurement of monofilament diameter and opacity online – for a broad range of fibre types. Able to measure 1 to 1000+ fibres simultaneously in one plane.


Each instrument is custom built from standard modules to suit the particular requirements: these specifications are the maximum possible

– Machine Speed: unlimited
– Number of Fibres in one plane: no limit
– Measurement Speed: variable, typically 10- 50,000
– Measurement per Second for each fibre
– Distance between fibre to fibre : variable, typically  0.5mm to 100mm
– Diameter Range: 2 micron to 5 mm   (not in the one instrument)

– Accuracy: +/- 0.1 % to +/- 1% for a single measurement  of a fibre within +/- 1 mm in all directions
– Maximum Temperature at the measurement point: 35° C
– Distance between the 2 steel rollers:>250mm
– Distance between floor and fibre: >200mm
– Dust level: normal
– Acceptable vibration of the fibre: approx 0.2-0.5 mm
– Input PC: Nominal value and Tolerance
– Production number
– Roll number
– Output PC: Mean value
– Value outside of Tolerances with Time declaration
– Alarm from PC
– Diameter graph
– Spreadsheet format with all parameters

Advantages and Benifits of OFDA MFX

– Customized for each application and budget
– Measure1 to 1000+ fibres in one plane
– Fibre opacity measurement possible for some clear fibres
– High speed
– Many custom configurations to suit application
– Many output options including alarm and spreadsheet
– Good dust rejection
– Online Monofilament measurement – Up to 50,000 measurements per second

OFDAMF is a technology that allows rapid, high resolution of the diameter and opacity of 1 to 1000+ fibres online measurement of the of monofilament fibres. OFDAMF is based on intelligent image analysis of a line scan digital video sensor to greatly improve accuracy over previous laser and shadow based technology.

Software is provided to enable recording of data and trending information of the monofilaments as they are produced. Upper and lower diameter limits can be set to give an alarm allowing correction to be made to the process before a large amount of fibre is wasted.

Measured values

– Opacity

Statistical values:

– Mean value (mean fibre diameter in ?m, denier or decitex)
– Standard deviation s
– Coefficient of variation CV%
– Histogram of diameter and curvature
– Fibre measurement points can be seen on the video  screen.
– Fibre images can be saved in Windows format for
including in reports
– All data can be exported to spreadsheets for research